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Q1. Is Screen printing better than embroidery?

Screen printing is a better option for customizing apparel in some cases as it can be applied to any apparel or fabric. However, there is nothing wrong with getting embroidery done to customize a clothing item.

Q2. What does digitizing mean?

Digitizing is the process of transforming a regular logo or design into machine readable language. This special code is used in machines. It is this code that tells the machine how to run the design over the clothing.

Q3. Can I place an order on phone?

Yes you can place custom shirt order on the phone. However, for first time customers we recommend that you come in so we can provide you the best possible pricing and printing solution for your needs.

Q4. Will it be cheaper to order more items?

Yes, the price will drop if you order more shirts. The bigger the order, the lower the prices will be.

Q5. What is the best printing method?

There are a wide variety of apparel printing methods that suit any budget or style. No single method is the best on its own. It all depends on the requirements and the needs, the design and the colors that need to be incorporated in garment printing.

Q6. Do you print on clothing items and apparel other than T Shirts?

Yes, we offer custom printing services for Shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, tote bags, sweaters, work clothing, Hoodies, caps, hats and more.

Q7. Are there options available in terms of colors and sizes for custom printing?

Yes, we offer a great variety of garments in different sizes and huge selection of colors to choose from for apparel printing in California.

Q8. How can I show my logo, design or art work for price quotation?

You can call us to set up a meeting to discuss all possible options and show us the design, or you can email us your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q9. Is there a price for getting printing quotation?

We do not charge for quoting. We offer FREE SCREEN PRINTING, FREE EMBROIDERY, AND FREE CUSTOM PRINTING quotations. Call us now and get your free price quote.

Q10. What format does the artwork or design need to be in for custom printing?

It is preferable to have the design in Vector format. However, if you do not have it in vector format, do not worry. We have in house designers who can help you with that.

Q11. How long does screen print last?

After screen printing process, the dryer cures the ink. Thus, the screen printed apparel should last over long period of time.